Are you ready to make an impression? Do you want your visual branding to be on point? Do you have amazing content that’s just not matching up visually? Are you just establishing your brand and wanna start out with a bang? These are just a few of the reasons why you might need brand photography for your business.

Brand photography is for you if you are a: recent graduate, blogger, social media influencer, entrepreneur, actor/actress, fashion/lifestyle model, musician, artist, creative, realtor, corporate badass, online business owner, brick-and-mortar owner, and more! We are constantly on display now because of social media, search engines, and other technologies. Displaying your personality and pizazz in photographs is a PERFECT way to make a great impression!

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westward way photography is a brand and lifestyle photographer in austin, tx

Brand Story Session

If you’re an entrepreneur or Austin influencer, there is a very good chance you are always looking for content for your social media. The brand story session is more than headshots for your business. I will work closely with you to learn about your brand to make custom, strategic photos that align with your brand stories. With this package, you will receive a license to use these photos for social media, publicity, website and marketing use.

Introductory pricing starting at $499 (for a limited time) for 60 photos.

Personal brand photography for Heather M. of The Positive Thread, a health coach in Austin, Texas.

Short Story Session

Ok, so not everyone needs months of photos for their social media- but maybe you need more than just a few. The Short Story Session is a smaller package of the Brand Story Session. We work together to figure out what brand stories you want to highlight and I make custom photos for your brand.

Also includes a license to use photos on social media, for publicity, website and other marketing use.

Introductory pricing starting at $299 (for a limited time) for 30 photos.

westward way photography headshots austin texas headshots


If your main goal is just to get a couple of great headshots for your social media, portfolio or other various uses, I got you girl! With a headshot session, our main goal is to get pictures of your gorgeous face that also showcase your sparkling personality and pizazz!

Starting at $150 for 5 photos.

Custom stock photography or product photos for your business and brand

Product Photography & Custom Stock

I’m happy to now offer product and custom stock photography! Custom stock photography uses your visual branding elements and brand stories to create unique scenes that are created just for your brand!

Starting at $200

Recent work

The branding photoshoot timeline includes all the steps in the personal branding photoshoot process, from initial contact til you post, profit, rinse and repeat.  Initial contact starts with you contacting me by email, phone, video chat or in person. Then you book a call with me.  Once you schedule your call with me(I call them coffee chats), we will want to discuss what you want out of my photography services and how I can make this an easy process for you!  After the coffee chat, you can either book your date with me and pay the deposit or fill out the brand questionnaire to make sure you have it all figured out before you book!  After you book with me, that date is reserved for you. Then it’s time to plan! After you fill out the brand questionnaire, we plan by doing a Brand Brainstorm session together. Then I send you a confirmation of what we talked about, any action plans and a mood board/shot list that covers everything you will need for your photoshoot.  Then- you are a diva for a day during the photoshoot!  After I take your photos, I will gather the best ones and possibly as you to pick between some if there is a lot of different choices. Then, you will confirm and I edit them in the way that you want (we will discuss this in prior sessions).  Then, you post and profit and then book your next session with me in the next quarter. Rinse and repeat every quarter to keep your photography relevant, fresh and up-to-date