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Brand photography for the modern entrepreneur

What is brand photography?

Brand photography is strategic and intentional; it is photography that uses your brand’s stories, themes and messaging to create visual content that captures and converts.

Brand photography has many names (personal brand photography, branding photography, commercial photography, creative headshots are a few names it could be called).

Whatever you want to call it, the idea is to create visuals that are authentic, purposeful, cohesive to your brand and that make a statement about who you are.

That’s where I come in! I am your fairy photography godmother, here to guide you and provide you with visuals that make you wanna scream like a little girl at a BTS concert.

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Brand photoshoot for Austin nutrition coach
westward way brand photography brand story session with lady and co
branding photoshoot of Heather M- health and nutrition coach from Austin, TX
westward way brand photography brand story session with lady and co
Lady and Company owner Alex Lawless sits in front of a computer at the restaurant
Brand and lifestyle photos for Austin health coach

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The Westward Way photography approach

How it works

Hey lady boss! Wanna know what a typical branding photography session is like from pre-planning until the finishing touches? It goes a little like this…


Coffee Chat & brand questionnaire

Whether you prefer in-person, video or phone call, I am available for a no-obligation chat about your photography needs!

Once we’ve chatted, or if you’re ready to book, I send you a questionnaire that asks you all about your brand- what you kind of photos you need, your brand messaging, your marketing objectives and more.

Brand Photography Brainstorm SEssion

You and I have an AWESOME brand photography brainstorming session. We talk about everything you need to know- what locations are best for you, what kind of props you need to bring, if you need models, etc.

Then, we have our awesome brand photoshoot, where you get to be the diva for the day! This is all about making you shine and making your branding come to life through photography.

Brand STory Photoshoot

The day of the shoot is the MOST FUN process of this all. We get to laugh and joke and you get to act out your brand stories right in front of the camera.

You are the star of the day and the creative director, I’m just here to click the shutter button and make sure you look and feel fabulous!

After the photoshoot, I will go through the photos and weed out any bad ones (like ones where you are blinking, weird shadows, etc) and I’ll send you a library of photos you can pick and choose. Once you pick, I will edit them and send them your way. You then post away on social media! I’m pretty sure you’ll love them so much that you’ll wanna book a quarterly session with .me to keep your social media photos relevant and up-to-date.

SElection, Editing and Completion

After our brand story photoshoot, I will go through the photos and select the best ones.

Depending on what you prefer, I may send you a gallery of unedited photos for you to pick and choose which photos you prefer.

I will color-correct and edit your photos to look fabulous and then send them your way! You are free to apply any presets you need to or add overlays, etc. They are all yours, girl!

Then, you post away and take a look at all your hard work!

Lady boss, you’re gonna love it!

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.
— Seth Godin

Ashley edwards- Owner of westward way

Hi, I’m Ashley

Hello gorgeous! I’m Ashley Edwards, the photographer and owner of Westward Way Photography. I LOVE all things photography, marketing and branding. It is my life goal to make people smile and when I can do this through photography and helping other women, my heart feels full of joy!

I know how fun it can be creating a brand for your business. I also know that it can be frustrating as well. If you’re struggling with aligning your brand with the vision you have for it in your head, brand imagery is likely a very big part of that.

When your brand photos don’t align with your vision, it can lead to frustration for you and confusion for your customers and followers. We can’t have none of that, can we?



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westward way photography coffee chat for branding photography in austin tx
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