When I look at pictures of myself when I was a child, I CRINGE. Not only did my mother cut my hair in a mullet- yes, a mullet- but those cheesy studio photos were SO bad. I don’t want you to be like me, cringing at old family photos. I want you to open up your photo album and see photos that make you reminisce about all the beauty, the fun and all the feels! This is why I love being a lifestyle photographer.

I see lifestyle photography as this: somewhat documentary but with some thought and strategy put into the scene. So when I call myself a lifestyle photographer, I’m describing photography that captures your stories, in the moment, as they happen, within a normal daily scene.

This is done often by just following you around with my camera (and you are just pretending I am not there), like the day-in-the-life sessions I offer. Sometimes you’re staring at the camera and genuinely smiling back at me, like with lifestyle portraits. Either way, it is always authentic, realistic and beautiful.

I prefer to leave that truck in the background. I sometimes leave in telephone poles. I include people in the background too. These details give the photo context. They help the viewer imagine themselves in that scene. These details help create realistic stories.

There is extraordinary in the ordinary and my goal is to capture that.

lifestyle photograph of a young girl playing in leaves
a father and daughter play- a photograph of documentary family photography  services offered at westward way photography

Day-in-the-life: Documentary Photography

Have you ever wanted photographs of the day-to-day hustle and bustle; the moments where you are playing with your kiddos, your kids are making mud-pies in the backyard, the picnic in the park, eating breakfast at the table or hiking on the trail. These are memories that stick with you but don’t always get to be documented on camera.

Day in the life photography is just that- I’ll follow you and your family around during the day and photograph y’all doing what you do. There is a little planning involved- but it’s more about photographing family vibes than having a theme.

westward way photography lifestyle portraits

Lifestyle Portraits

There’s no doubt that these new iPhones can take some LEGIT photos. But if you are looking to go the extra mile- to get some professional photos where you don’t have to do anything but show up and look gorgeous, I would love to help you out!

Once you’ve decided you want some beautiful photos, send me a message! We can talk about locations, what exactly you’re wanting photos for (social media, print, both, etc.), and any other questions or concerns you might have.

Starting at $150

senior portraits for high school seniors and college seniors about to graduate

Senior Portraits

Are you a high school senior or college senior about to graduate? Do you want to be the star of your own photoshoot?

Senior portraits are photos that will be cherished for years. Investing in photos that make you feel empowered, beautiful and proud is something you deserve!

I’ll help you plan the shoot- starting with a Senior questionnaire, private Pinterest board and more.

Starting at $500

Westward Way Photography Austin photographer The Girl Power Interviews

Girl Power Interview

I created The Girl Power Interviews to inspire and empower women by photographing women and interviewing them about female-centered issues. Find out more about The Girl Power Interviews on the website here.

Interviews are limited availability and donation-based (a percentage will go to a charity that supports women).