5 Questions to Ask When Picking Out an Outfit for Your Brand Photos | Austin Brand Photographer |

I have to start this out by immediately saying this: I am NOT fashion savvy. You regularly find me in a baggy screen tee and yoga pants with a very messy bun, probably sans makeup. That’s my style, ok? That being said, I admire style and fashion! I may not be an expert in the area, but I do have some advice on the questions you can ask yourself before you start picking out your outfit.

Does it fit the brand?

As with just about everything I mention for a branding photoshoot- the biggest question you have to ask yourself is “does this make sense in relation to my branding?” If you are a fashion diva who is all about glitz and glamour, you’re probably not going to get away with yoga pants and a t-shirt, unless you’ve found a way to make that work in your brand.

For some of you, this may seem like a no-brainer and you probably can quickly answer “yes” to this question.

What scene am I creating?

I like to think of my photography sessions as scene creations. We use the location, overall vibes, props, brand story and your clothing to create a scene for you to be a part of. Of course, we want it to look authentic, right? So ask yourself, what scene is being created? Does this outfit make sense in this scene?

Can I make a statement with this?

Can your outfit make a statement all on its own? Sometimes this is the idea- rather than using the props or location to make a statement, sometimes the outfit does all the work.

For example, does your shirt say something? Like, literally, does it have a phrase on it? If your shirt says #momlife, that might be enough to explain your brand story without even including props or location.

Will my audience appreciate/understand/want the outfit?

Is your ideal customer going to appreciate the outfit. Are they going to compliment you for it? If you are an influencer, this is obviously something you want to consider if you want people to purchase it. Wearing something that your ideal would wear is a great way to build a relationship.


The most important of all- even saying “yes” to this means it contradicts all the other things I mentioned, just freakin work the outfit girl!