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Hey you! You beautiful boss babe! Are you haphazardly searching stock photography sites for your website images? Are you posting random selfies of yourself for Friday introductions? Are you using the same 5 photos your husband took of you over a year ago to post on Instagram? If this is you, girl, STOP!

Stop what you’re doing now and read this blog- because I have a really great solution for you, if you’re looking to up your visual content game with images that convert and if you’re ready to build brand stories that people will fall in love with.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably found me through social media. So you already know the overwhelming need for great photos for your brand or business. If you’re an online entrepreneur, social media influencer or even a local small business, you need to think about upping your image game with custom brand photography!

With brand photography, it is totally possible for you to have great custom photos that fit your brand’s message, have YOUR face on them, and that fit your requirements!

Wait- what exactly is brand photography/personal brand photography?

I’m so glad you asked! Personal brand photography, can go by many names to different people- branding photography, lifestyle photography, creative headshots, business portraits- but let’s just call it brand photography!

Brand photography is photography that is focused on (HA- no pun intended) capturing strategic, custom images that reflect your brand’s stories, themes, and/or messaging.

I use the word “strategic” because there definitely has to be some intent in how you approach the images you will be using for your brand. The strategy with brand photography is usually created around how you market your brand- like, what content you post to your social media channels, blog or website, and other various marketing efforts you might take on.

But do I really need brand photography? Who does brand photography actually help?

Are you a person? Do you have social media? Then you need brand photography. Ok- all joking aside: just about anybody who has a website or social media and is using their face as part of their brand or company image needs to consider using brand photography. This includes people who offer services, like coaches and creative entrepreneurs- but also local brick and mortar shops and services. There are so many reasons for why you might need this type of photography. People who are looking for your services or products want to know you’re real, that you’re serious and passionate about what you do, and what you are all about as a person, right?

Why the need for brand photography?

Brand photography opportunities have increased a lot lately, due to the increased need for digital visual content. Competition in the online business world is fierce these days! It is much more difficult to succeed in an online business without beautiful images to accompany your content (though, not impossible). Your audiences or potential clients are more likely to take you seriously if you look professional, and that starts almost instantaneously when someone takes a gander at your social media or website photos.

Think about it!

Say you’re looking at the social media profiles of two of the same type of brands or businesses side-by-side. The one on the left looks nice- maybe it has decent photos of selfies, some flat-lays and other stock photos. But the one on the right has well-thought-out brand stories and themes that immediately explain what the brand is about, who is the face, what values they hold, etc.

Who do you think they are going to want to do business with? I am betting the one on the right has a leg up because we live in a world where these things matter, (even if people are making subconscious choices). Right?

Great brand story images make things clear for the viewer, make your brand look professional, and will ultimately help you reel them in faster- so they can fall in love with your brand and become the loyal fans you desire.

How do you approach brand photography at Westward Way Photography?

Ok- so you’ve made it this far, here is where I tell you all about my approach. The way that I approach brand photography, is by getting to know YOU and your brand with what I call Brand Story Sessions. I work closely with you to brainstorm and plan out what stories/themes/messages you are trying to convey to your various audiences over the next quarter.

Then, together, we come up with anywhere from 3- 5 different themes that your brand is using and create scenes from those themes. Together, we create months of social media visual content- around 60 photos- so that you’re not stuck wondering what the heck to post on social media.

These photos will be largely lifestyle/candid/documentary type-photos, but we can mix it up with other genres of photos as well. You then get to use these photos how you want- and you don’t even have to credit me (although it’d be the bomb if you did). Then, we can rinse and repeat for each quarter!

Wanna give it a test drive?

I am offering introductory pricing for both my Brand Story Session and a Short Story Session. The Short Story Session is just like the Brand Story Session- but with less photos. These prices are going to DOUBLE once I have fulfilled my quota of 3 more beta testers, so even if you aren’t ready to do take the photos until the new year, I can reserve your date for the new year at these low prices. I really want you to see how brand photography will benefit you and your business!

Not sold yet?

I get it- you’re a strong-minded lady, not that easy to convince! SAME here! How about you schedule a totally FREE, no obligation video call with me- or, even better, meet me at a local Austin coffee shop (Summer Moon is my fave) for a coffee date. I LOVE connecting with fellow lady bosses! We can talk about how brand photography will benefit you, how amazing you’re going to feel knowing that your visual content is planned out for months- and we can also debate on the best queso in Austin, if you’re up for that.