4 major reasons for why you need brand photography for your business | Austin Brand Photographer

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Not sure how brand photography will help your business, or why you might need it? Here are 4 reasons why personal brand photography (brand photography for short) can help your business!

To stand out

Now, more than ever, it is easy for just about anyone to become an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, this leads to major market saturation and a crazy amount of competition. Everybody and their momma has a business. So, what do you do when you want to set yourself apart from the rest?


You know what branding is. You’ve read the articles and done the research. If you have no idea what branding is, no problem, go check this post out!

So you have some of it down- you have your color palette and logo, you’ve established your brand messaging and values, you might even have a pretty Instagram feed, full of beautiful flat lays and all that jazz.

But so does Suzy and Sally who do the same thing you do. That can get really frustrating, huh? (I’m a photographer- trust me, I know all about this struggle of everybody doing what you do.)

Don’t worry that pretty little head, though. You absolutely have a unique way to stand out- and that is with YO’ FACE!

That’s right. Your face is unique, right? I mean, unless you have an identical twin. Making your face part of that brand absolutely makes you unique, and most importantly, memorable.

To enhance your brand’s message/story

Now that you know about that unique face of yours- you know that you can work with your unique self to create a unique brand story.

Why is is important to have a brand story? So that people can relate to your brand. When people can relate to your brand, they are more likely to pay attention to you or your content- and ultimately, invest in you!

We use photography to enhance our brands, kind of like how textbooks use photos and other graphics to enhance the text. It enforces the message, it helps the reader stay tuned, and increases the likelihood that the knowledge will be retained.

For example: think of Dove’s “Real Beauty” Campaign. If you’re not familiar with this, you’ve been living under a rock. Just kidding. In a nutshell, in 2004, Dove was on a mission to challenge society’s definition of beauty through their advertising by featuring women of all sizes, shapes, ages and shades. If their mission was to challenge the traditional idea of beauty, yet they advertised pictures of only thin white 20 year olds, it would have made that campaign a lot less effective.

Powerful messages require powerful imagery to support it.

Cohesion and Consistency

You don’t need another person telling you how important it is to have a cohesive Insta feed, do you? I can totally skip that part. If you do need to hear it- I can create a new post for you (just send me a message if you want it).

Perhaps one of the most important parts of branding is consistency. A brand is very much like a character on a tv show. Think of one of your favorite characters on tv- do they wear the same clothes, or similar styles? Can you describe their fashion? Do they wear the same general color schemes?

If that character goes outside of that style, does it shock and confuse you? Yes, that is very likely going to shock you. That’s because that character has gone outside of their basic style branding and we don’t know what to do when it happens. Maybe our eyes start twitching. Maybe we punch the wall (I don’t condone this behavior)? But humans do NOT like to be confused. That’s the fastest way to turn someone away.

We create consistency to prevent any confusion that might occur. The most basic way to create consistency is to make sure things are visually aligned.

So how exactly will brand photography create consistency and cohesion? Brand photography isn’t just about taking pretty pictures in the park. There is a strategy behind it. That strategy will be well-aligned with your brand, thus creating that consistency and cohesion.

It also helps to have the same photographer taking your photos because they will be taken and edited in similar styles. Also, if using that same photographer several times, it allows that photographer to get to know your brand from head to toe. Win-win for both of you.

Know, Like and Trust: Persuading your Audience

You might have heard about how important it is for your audience to “know, like and trust” you. This concept is kinda like a version of pathos, logos and ethos; all pivotal parts in the art of persuasion. Know, like and trust- I’ll call it KLT, is ultimately about persuading them to buy your product or service.


If you’re putting pictures of you and your brand all up on social media- you’re training your audience’s eyes to remember you. What happens when they begin to recognize your photos after they’ve seen a few on their feed? That’s right, they think “HEY, I know that girl from Westward Way Photography. I recognized her awesome messy bun. She’s cool and super adorable.”

It’s like that feeling when you go to another far away place and you someone bump into someone from your home. That familiarity just makes you feel good! You might even go and hang out with that person because they make you feel comfortable and at home in a strange land.

They know you.


Not everybody is going to like your brand or the photos you post. But there will be enough people that think your pics are awesome. Depending on the person, they like them because they relate to them, they tell an interested story, remind them of a great memory or maybe they just look so darn pretty. Either way, it’s all props to you and your brand for having likeable photos.

They like you.


Straight up- I’m not going to buy anything from someone who has shady photos on their profile. And I don’t mean shady, like under-the-trees shaded. I mean, if your photos seem misleading or inauthentic, I’m not going to trust you.

Imagery is a great way to earn that trust and credibility, because it is so obvious when you’re putting thought into your photos. When careful thought is put into your brand imagery, it proves that you are professional and want to be taken seriously.

They trust you.

Remember, KLT is about persuading your audience to buy from you. Whatever you’re selling, people won’t want to buy it if they don’t trust you, recognize who you are and like what you’re all about.

So now, you kinda get a glimpse of the importance of brand photography, right?  It’s not just about having eye-pleasing pictures. It’s about so much more. Part of it is about setting yourself apart from the rest- standing out from the crowd. Part of it is about enhancing your brand’s message, values, stories, etc. It is also the major player in creating brand consistency, and ultimately, persuading your audience to buy into you!