6 Important Shots to Capture in Your Brand Photos | Austin Headshot Photographer

When you’re trying to decide what photos you need for your next brand photoshoot, it is a great idea to plan several exact shots out. Below, I’ve listed 6 categories of important shots you’ll want to capture in your next session.

There isn’t right combination of shots in each category to capture- some brands will need 90% personality shots and will supplement with the rest. Other brands might require a large number of space shots and very little of the others. Some brands may not even use some of the categories I’ve listed.

This list is a helpful guideline when it comes to planning out the must-have shots you’ll need to capture the essence of your brand.

Can you think of anything I’ve missed? Comment below if so! I want to make sure I have it all covered.

  1. The CEO Boss Babe Shots

Professional portraits, power poses & your smiling face

Photo examples: Standing in front of a blank background, a smiling pic with your workspace in the back

These are your typical headshots & business portraits

Headshots of Alyssa Moody, an illustrator and graphic designer from Austin, TX. She is laughing at the camera while crossing her arms. She is standing outside of the Moontower Salooon, a bar in South Austin, TX.

2. The Tools Shots

What you use to do what you do, the important tools you use to work everyday

Photo examples: Your computer, microphone, paints- if you are a painter, a camera- if you are a photographer

Will commonly include flat lays & product shots

A brand photo of a Mac laptop with a plate of cookies next to it- a storytelling styled stock photo for creative entrepreneurs

3. The Personality Shots

All about you and your personality, what you do for fun, what you are passionate about, your lifestyle, what you like, your favorite things

Photo examples: Reading, drinking coffee, spending time with your family

Typically include candids, portraits, family shots, fun shots and other lifestyle photographs

Personality shots are really important for branding photography. Alex is holding a unicorn mug to show her personality off in her brand photos.

4. The Story Shots

Any of the shots that you need to tell a story about your brand (will vary depending on what you do), beginning middle and end sequences

Photo examples: If you are a nutritionist, you might want photos of you preparing food from beginning to end (prepping, cooking, plate, eating, etc.), If you are a website designer, you might want to show the process (intake, working with your client, their results)

These are lifestyle photos, perhaps some flat-lays and product shots

Storytelling shot of a girl in the garden planting something. Brand storytelling is a very important aspect of branding photos.

5. The Work Shots

Photos of you doing your thing, the action shots and behind the scenes

Photo examples: Working at the desk, talking to clients, setting up a flat-lay, you at speaking engagements, taking photos, BTS set-up, you filming a video

This will include candids and In-action shots, less of your face & more of your work

Brand photos of Alex holding her iPhone and taking a selfie. This is an important action shot for many influencers and bloggers because this is part of the work!

6. The Spaces Shots

Depending on your job- the spaces and places you do you work, especially if it is client-facing or a brick and mortar

Photo examples: Inside our store, your home office, your bed, your desk

Typically includes Interior photography and lifestyle shots

Whether you are a digital nomad, you work from home, have an office or work in your bed, you’ll need to be sure you have shots of where you work to show your audience how you do things! This is a photo of Alex outside of a restaurant working on some Lady and Company things!


If you’re planning creative headshots or brand photos, you’ll need to capture a variety of shots for your various social media and website needs. Here are 6 photos you’ll need to get to show off your awesome brand!