Giant List of Styled Stock Photography Websites for Female Entrepreneurs | Austin Brand Photographer

If you asked me what is one thing female entrepreneurs seem to stress and obsess about the most, it’s probably their brand images and the feeds they go in. “Does my Instagram look flawless? Do I have perfect pictures displayed on my blog? Do my images fit my branding? Do the colors match well?” Is this you? We LOVE photos and we want it to look perfect. I know I’ve obsessed over photos a few times in my business (but I’m a photographer so that’s pretty normal).

My specialty is definitely business portraits and lifestyle photography (though I do offer custom stock photography for my clients now- check it out here). I obviously don’t use stock photography for my photography business, but I AM OBSESSED with how cute stock photos are. I know you ladies need your options when it comes to cohesive branding photos. There are so many stock subscriptions out there for a variety of tastes. They all offer their own unique advantages and many of them give free monthly images with a subscription (free is good and awesome, but sometimes you need to invest- just sayin’).

Of course, you ladies know that looks aren’t everything- you can’t win everybody over with beautiful pictures alone. Sure, it gets you a few likes on the ‘Gram and all, but you need real content to persuade your audience to dig deeper and (now or eventually) work with you. Beautiful pictures are certainly a great addition to your great content, though!

Keep this in mind: each website will have legal licensing terms you need to abide by. Here are some general rules that many stock photo sites will list:

  • The copyright will remain with the photographer and they allow a license for you to use their images on their terms.

  • Generally, stock photos don’t have to be credited if purchased, but always check because sometimes photos that are freebies must be credited. Be sure to do so if asked.

  • Most sites will allow you to edit and alter the images that you see fit to your brand. This includes overlaying text, altering and cropping images as well as changing colors.

  • If you are a social media manager or a VA, you usually cannot post photos for your clients unless they also have a subscription to that service.

  • Also, you cannot claim the pictures as your own, sell in design bundles or anything like that.

  • Returns are usually not accepted due to the digital nature of the product.

  • Most website have these similar terms but always look at the FAQ and email when in doubt.

Legal stuff: Some of the links I provide here are affiliate links (which means if you buy I make a small commission at no extra cost to you) but all opinions are my own!*

Styled Stock Photography Websites and Subscriptions

The following sites have many photos that are designed for female entrepreneurs- typically includes feminine styled photos (flowers, gorgeous flat lays, fashionable accessories, beautiful props, etc). Some of the details may have changed since I wrote this article- I will update as I see the changes! You’ll find their website and Instagram accounts below so that you can see their photo styles.

Styled Stock Society is one of my favorite stock websites. The photos are so cute and feminine.

$75 quarterly

$225 annually

$395 FOR LIFE (like, WHAT?)

Gallery includes a variety of styled stock images that suit a variety of businesses (coaches, bloggers, fashion, calligraphers, designers, health and wellness, etc.).

There are also curated galleries on her Creative Market shop if you’re afraid of commitment

Freebies: Download 10 free stock photos when you subscribe and monthly freebies in your inbox.


Pixistock Instagram

Pixistock is another great stock photography website for female entrepreneurs.

$39 a month- photo membership

$69 quarterly- photo membership, Canva templates, IG quote library

$199 annually- all of the above at a discounted yearly price

Really beautiful feminine photos, bright and airy and lots of extras included too.

Freebies: free monthly photos with subscription.

Ivory Mix*

Ivory Mix Instagram

Ivory Mix has a great selection of FREE photos when you subscribe- not to mention, tons inside the paid membership.

Elite- $42 quarterly

VIP- $120 annually

Good combination of feminine and neutral styles- SERIOUSLY good for the price.

Freebies: A HUGE library of free resources (like 500+ free photos) and 4 free photos a month when you subscribe.

Haute Stock

Haute Stock Instagram

Really love the Haute Stock’s photos- so fresh and crisp and feminine.

$99 quarterly

$299 annually

So many photos to choose from- mockups, flat lays, lifestyle photos, graphics, exclusives

Freebies: Free photos to download immediately once you subscribe, Monthly freebies when you subscribe.

Kat Max stock is also a really great option for beautiful stock photos.

$29 monthly

$348 annually

SUCH GORGEOUS PHOTOS I seriously drool over them. You can also buy the photos individually (looks like most start around $10 each) or in curated bundles (bundle prices vary).

Freebies: Monthly freebies when you subscribe.

Atelier 21 is a great option and offers a wide variety!

The Influencer- $89 quarterly or $35 monthly

The Manager- $249 quarterly (Awesome for VA’s, Social Media Managers, designers, etc.).

The photos are feminine but there is a good variety of more neutral palettes that would suit a wider audience. I really like the mood of all of her collections!

Freebies: Monthly freebies once you subscribe plus a “Curated 9-Grid” which offers 9 photos that are suitable for your brand based on a quick you take.

The Stock Gallery

The Stock Gallery Instagram

The Stock Gallery is a great option for stock photos.

Monthly- $29

Really cute photos, feminine, bright and airy

Freebies: Not sure (the option isn’t obvious on the website)

Her Creative Studio has really cute and fun styled stock photos!

Bi-annually: $127

Annually: $227

Pro Member: $797/year (for up to 10 client accounts, 10 commercial projects)

Individual photos can be found on her Etsy store, Creative Market and on the website

Freebies: Free styled photo (and wallpaper) every month when you subscribe.

SC Stock Shop offers fun, bright and airy photos for female entrepreneurs!

$25 for monthly subscription

$240 for annual membership

Awesome gorgeous photos that are fun and bright and airy!

Freebies: Monthly photos sent to your inbox!

Creative Market*

Creative Market Instagram

Creative Market offers more than just stock photography, but it is a good place to find individual photos and packages for a great price.

Freebies: They also sometimes include these photo packages for free with their weekly freebies.

Sian C Photography

Sian C Instagram

She offers a great deal- $2 a photo (or 100 images for $60), great for ladies who just want a few photos here and there.

General Stock Photography Sites

These are the more traditional stock photography styles- great selection of professional photos, especially for candids of people



$99 a month for 10 photos

$149 a month for 20 photos

$299 a month for 50 photos

Obviously the most expensive route. I have contributed here before as a photographer- I like the realistic quality of these stock images but it is definitely a pricey option.

Adobe Stock


$29 a month for 10 assets

$79 a month for 40 assets

$169 a month for 350 assets

$199 a month for 750

Another pricey route, but the quality is top notch and there are more than just photos provided.

Free & CC0 Stock Photography Sites

These sites are either completely free or have free options, many of them are CC0 (CC0 license means that there are no rights reserved, read more here).

Unsplash- This is my favorite one- great quality photos and a chance to support the photographer too! I even have my own profile at Unsplash if you want to check it out!



Rawpixel- free plan as well as premium plans (mockups and vectors too).

Rightlight (Norwood Themes)- good minimalist photos, under the CC0 license according to the website.

Death to Stock- free monthly photos, professional quality, premium memberships (includes videos too, so that’s cool).

Feel free to recommend more in the comments so that I can update the list!