5 Tips for Feeling Confident at Your Brand Photoshoot | Austin Brand Photographer

As a plus size woman, I know how difficult it can be to be confident in photos. Sometimes it can be painful to look at yourself in a picture and feel unsatisfied with how you look. And for the longest time, I naively thought this was just a pain that plus sized women faced. But I realized that this is something that just about every single woman has gone through at some point in her life. I know that there can be a lot of hesitation when it comes time to book a brand photoshoot for your business. I feel you on that, girl!

I’m here to tell you that I understand your hesitations. If you’re feeling less than excited for your brand photos, here are a few things that might help put you at ease when you need to be on camera.

1. Explain to your photographer.

Sometimes, when you’re feeling a little nervous about having your picture taken, all it takes is a little assurance from your photographer. Explain to your photographer that you are a little hesitant and you might not feel comfortable doing certain poses or that you have a particular good side. Your photographer will do his or her best to ensure you are being captured at all the right angles and that you feel comfortable in the poses you are doing.

2. Wear clothes that make you feel like Beyoncé.

You ever put on a badass outfit and feel like the sexiest chick in the world? Picking out an outfit that makes you feel fierce and confident is SO important for your photoshoot. If styling yourself isn’t your thing, splurge on a stylist that knows how to fit clothes on your body type. Can’t afford one? That’s ok- just do a little research ahead of time. Look for Pinterest boards, Google style blogs that can help you out. Think back to an outfit you had once that made your feel confident and beautiful. And maybe your photographer will even give you an opinion on what clothes do well on camera.

3. Treat yourself to hair and makeup services for you brand photoshoot.

Have you ever gone to a mall and had your makeup done for you? Did you walk out feelin’ yourself a little more? I tend to think it’s not all about the makeup. Now, I’m a bit of a feminist, so I’m not saying that this is a must to make you feel beautiful. But, I do think that having your hair and makeup done make you feel extra special sometimes because it’s about taking some time to invest in yourself. It also takes some extra stress of your shoulder on the day of your shoot.

4. Practice posing ahead of time.

Take it back to when you were 12 and you practiced talking or smiling in front of a mirror. If you’re worried about how you’ll look on camera, try finding some poses that you find flattering. If you’re not sure where to start, find a Pinterest board or Instagram account of someone who admire and take notes on how they hold themselves in their photos. Taking selfies of yourself and studying what makes you like them or not can help you figure out your preferences. Put your front facing camera on and set a self-timer. What poses make you feel comfortable? What faces made you look powerful or sexy or beautiful or fierce or whatever adjective you’re trying to achieve that makes sense for your brand. Practice what your smiles look like and which ones you want to capture on camera.

5. Embrace your flaws.

Ok, I know this might sound like some b.s., but reframing your mindset to embrace your beautiful “imperfections” can be freeing. Don’t look at your belly roll and trash talk yourself inside your head. Don’t look at your wrinkles and think you’re unworthy. Instead, spend some quality time in the mirror convincing yourself that you are beautiful, worthy and a fierce boss lady. Your attitude going into the shoot will make a HUGE difference in how your photos look. Confidence is a very hard thing to fake and if you go in feeling self-conscious I bet that will totally show on camera.

Boss babe, don’t let yourself get in your own way. You are a beautiful person, inside and out, and your clients deserve to see you when you are feeling like your best and most confident self!