My Personal Philosophy on Using Photoshop as a Photographer & Female Empowerer

If you’re a hip-hop fan like I am, you know the following line from Kendrick Lamar:

I'm so ****in sick and tired of the Photoshop

-Kendrick Lamar

Aren’t you? Aren’t you exhausted seeing all the fakeness in the world?

I sure am.

In 2018, I started a female empowerment project called The Girl Power Interviews (which is now a podcast, btw- but more on that later). During that project, I photographed several women and started to realize how freakin amazing and beautiful we all are.

And along that journey, I realized that empowering other women is my strength and I would use my skills as a photographer and enthusiastic chicka to make other women realize how amazing they are.

This has made me ultra-aware of how self-conscious some of us women are without even realizing it. Photographers are often asked “Can’t you just Photoshop my fat roll out?” or whatever various body part they dislike.


I would not be doing my job as a female empowerer by letting you think that your fat roll needs to be taken out. My job as an empowerer is to make you feel so freakin gorgeous that you don’t even think about Photoshop.

Ok, but you might be thinking “what about pimples and blemishes?”

Those are different. Will I edit those? Absolutely. Those are temporary blemishes that can distract people from your beautiful eyes. But I will not edit your waistline to make you look unrealistic. I will not make you 50 pounds lighter in the photo. Changing your body’s appearance isn’t going to help you or anybody else seeing the picture. You are denying yourself that part of you exists- and denying yourself isn’t the way you seek your truth. I want you to embrace who you are- jelly rolls and all.

What I will do is promise to put you in a position that flatters you, brings out your best features and makes you look and feel comfortable. You won’t even be worried about Photoshop when you’re in front of me, because I’m going to make you feel like YOU on your best day.

You are a GORGEOUS human being and people want to see the real you. Not a you that is altered by technology.

When you come to a photoshoot, beautiful lady, come as you are. That’s all you need to be!

P.S. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I started The Girl Power Interviews as a way to connect with my community, learn more about amazing females, and find a way to share powerful stories. What started here at Westward Way Photography, ended up morphing into a separate podcast.

If you’re interested in listening to my female empowerment podcast, you can check it out here on Apple Podcasts or here on Spotify.